Events – Quarter 1

Parent Child | Art Exploration

  • Fun time for parent and child to spend time together
  • Learn about famous artists and get inspired to work with a variety of materials.  Learn about the basic elements of art – lines, shapes, color and textures

Events – Quarter 2

Lending a Helping Hand | Adopt a Family for the Holidays

  • Sprinkle kindness through your family during the holidays
  • Adopt a family and inspire a sense of giving in your child
  • Bring the joy of the holiday spirit to a family in need during the holiday season

Events – Quarter 3

Curiosity Days| STEAM Activity

  • Create a fun STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Activity with your child
  • It’s an opportunity to come together with your child to look at a problem from many angles, test out different ideas, and ultimately decide on a solution
  • It will help you introduce your child to the power of creative exploration and problem solving

Events – Quarter 4

Movie Night & BBQ

  • Make memorable moments with your child by slowing down and spending quality time with them
  • Create opportunities for you and your child to connect
  • Spending time with your child helps build their self-esteem, allows them to develop strong bonds, and nurtures positive behaviors



Workshops – Quarter 1

NACCRRA, Applying for subsidy

  • NACCRRA, Applying for subsidy
  • What is NACCRRA?  Who qualifies for subsidy and what are the requirements?
  • Where to submit application?

Workshops – Quarter 2

Preparing Military Children for Deployment

  • Teaching parents how to talk to them in a way they’ll understand
  • What is deployment and what is your role when mom or dad is away?
    How to answer question simply and honestly
  • Military and Family Support Center, a military and family life counselor or chaplain. Where to find this information?
  • Talk to school personnel and coaches regarding upcoming deployment

Workshops – Quarter 3

GI Bill

  • Did you know that over 5 million post 9/11 service members will transition out of the military by 2020, but only 59% of them will receive financial aid in college? How we can support
  • Who is eligible and how to apply for benefits?
  • Program GI Bill will pay for graduate certificate, certifications or job training.
  • Tuition fees, monthly housing allowance, and distance learning rates
  • Connect students with military friendly-colleges and financial aid benefits

Workshops – Quarter 4

Home Buying Workshop & Relocation Support

  • Did you know there are 21 million Veterans & Service members in the US and only 6% use their VA home loan to purchase their home?
  • How your VA Home Loan works
  • How to qualify for your VA benefits
  • The advantages of using the VA loan
  • The biggest VA loan myths
  • Home buying process

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