Uniting families as a community leader in resources, development and inclusion.


The mission of Connecting Families Resource Center is to provide a place and a space where we inform, educate, and empower the families within the community. Connecting Families Resource Center works to address the needs of all families and community partners by providing educational workshops, childcare programs, resources, and creative opportunities for all families to connect and thrive together.


Connecting Families Resource Center serves all families in the Chula Vista area as well as military and military connected families living in San Diego County. It is our priority to ensure all families are strong, successful, and empowered by ensuring they have all the information, resources, and support available to them.


LYFE After School Enrichment Program
Our LYFE Program, offered on the campus of select Chula Vista Elementary Schools, empowers students by building positive and strong relationships, nurturing their developmental needs, and guiding them to realize and grow their own strengths through social and emotional learning activities.

Connecting Families Resource Center will work on collaborations and systems with different community leaders and organizations for education and social services. Families will be able to get information about events, volunteer opportunities, community resources, and much more. It is designed to support families and provide them with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to further enable their children to be successful and thrive in the community.

Community Connection Events
Our events will connect families together, create support networks and allow like-minded individuals with similar interests to meet and connect with one another. Meetups foster community growth, help share knowledge and provide opportunities to meet people outside of their normal circle.

  • Make memorable moments with your child by slowing down and spending quality time with them
  • Create opportunities for you and your child to connect
  • Spending time with your child helps build their self-esteem, allows them to develop strong bonds, and nurtures positive behaviors


Get to know who we are.

Karina Armas | Founder

Karina C. Pina-Armas

Executive Director/Founder

Karina served as the Director of Licensed Child Care programs and DASH for the South Bay Family YMCA where she learned in depth needs of her community families. For the past 14 years Karina has worked in Child Youth and Development and has overseen a team of over 160 employees yearly where she was fiscally responsible for developing and

managing budgets of over 3 million dollars. Karina has been successful in her fundraising efforts by requesting donations from individuals and businesses. Karina has successfully obtained various grants that allowed her to develop programs to combat childhood obesity in partnership with the Chula Vista Elementary School District. She partnered with Taylor guitars to expose the students in her programs to music and the benefits that come with the musical arts. These programs have been featured on local news networks highlighting the direct impact on children and their families. Networking and connecting can be challenging, especially for a family that is new to the city. In order to help these families, Karina developed various family engagement events all with the goal of building a good support system and lifelong friendships. Karina holds a Bachelor’s in Arts Human Development from California State University San Marcos. Karina is bilingual in English and Spanish. She was nominated and selected as a local Champion for the City of Chula Vista. Karina enjoys reading, gaining ongoing knowledge on how to help others and bring peace and balance in our lives, and traveling with her husband, son, and newest edition to her family her daughter

Karina Castellanos | Community Outreach & Engagement Director

Karina Castellanos

CommunityOutreach & Engagement Director

Karina used to oversee and coordinate for a team of 160 plus for the South Bay Family YMCA in before and after school programs. She has spent the last 13 years overseeing and coordinating as a non-profit professional for organizations such as the South Bay Family YMCA, YMCA of Madrid, Girl Scouts San Diego, and MANA de San Diego. Karina

has served underprivileged students in rural China with Tsinghua University challenging students to look within, empower oneself, and change the world for the better. She is an individual who enjoys building relationships with her team, from abroad, and with community partners. She has a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in three fields: Portuguese, Political Science, and Linguistics with a minor in International Studies from SDSU. She received her TESL certification from San Diego State University and is a Latina Success Leadership Program alum from MANA de San Diego. Karina is fluent in; English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Her ability to successfully plan and organize large youth and community events make her a great asset to the team. If Karina is not seeking new resources and partnerships to enhance the community, you can spot Karina around Chula Vista and San Diego volunteering with the Hermanitas Program, traveling the globe, or enjoying a cup of local coffee with her loved ones.

Connecting Families Resource CenterBeatriz

Beatriz Bautista

Program Director

Beatriz used to oversee and coordinate for a team of 160 plus for the South Bay Family YMCA in before and after school programs. She brings 16 years of experience working as a non-profit professional in the childcare field where she and her team successfully had a 90% retention rate. The programs she helped oversee where on 20 CVESD campuses

located in east Chula Vista. She yearly volunteers for toy drives bringing underprivileged children joy during the winter festivities. Beatriz has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a minor in History from San Diego State University. Her formal education in kinesiology has proven to be instrumental in developing and implementing program curriculum to help combat childhood obesity within the various programs she worked with. She has had works published for SDSU on athletic performance. Beatriz has gained crucial skills in fundraising within her staff team and community and has received awards for her yearly successes. Beatriz has a love for the road and while she is not creating high quality programs and developing staff she will be catching sites cross-country or reading her favorite books on all things that help day to day living and creating enlightenment.

Cacilia Triana | Director of Administrative Operations

Cecilia Triana

Administrative Operations Director

Cecilia has spent the last 7 years as a program administrator for the South Bay Family YMCA. She lead a team of administrators for programs which served over 2,000 children and their families yearly. Cecilia brings 17 years of experience working as a non-profit professional. Cecilia has served as a Behavioral Therapist for children

with autism helping and aiding in clinical developmental assessments for children from 0-5. Cecilia has worked with a range of agencies in San Diego that help support financially with after school care with military and non-military families. She has also worked with agencies that provide support to children with special needs. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has her success in working with third party agencies to provide financial assistance will empower and provide help for families of Chula Vista. Cecilia has a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Child Development from San Diego State University. When Cecilia is not assisting families and ensuring they have the best plans set in place, she is crazy about finding new beaches to explore while traveling and she enjoys hiking San Diego’s best views, or dancing for the best cardio fun.

Connecting Families Resource Center is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.