Our Minature Universe

Our Miniature Universe

As we think about environments for our children, we consider outcomes of their time spent at a before/after school program. Which skills will they adopt and model, what type of attitudes will affect their success, and does it align with the families? At Connecting Families Resource Center, we look at all these aspects when creating our curriculum for our LYFE program.
As we are a team of individuals who believe in establishing the best life sources from the start, we begin with our youth. Beginning with our youth we can then nurture and protect so they grow into thriving individuals. At CFRC we develop all our work, spaces, and programs to represent balance, harmony, and peace much like our office Bonsai Tree. We choose pieces like our Bonsai Tree to help us reflect in what we are doing and how we can impact. We work on our Tree and create a replica, a miniature version of our perfect version of a grown tree. Creating this little version of our perfect universe is how we approach our work at CFRC.
When we start from our own environment, we are allowed to share and transpire into our programs and ultimately in our youth. Our Programs team is currently working on high-quality curriculum to enhance and enrich our students and families. According to The National Conference Of State Legislatures, students that receive this type of programming will improve on their community engagement, have less behavioral issues, have better social behaviors and perform academically better.
As a team that has successfully run before and after school programs for over 14 years in East Chula Vista, we believe in the methods and approaches that will be implemented in our LYFE program and Resource Center. We have learned through opportunities in our community of what would work best for our youth and how to help them grow and succeed. The Expanded Learning & Afterschool Project poses a great question in regards to expanded opportunities in after school programming: “So the question should be not whether they should be offered, but rather what research-based design elements should be included to make them and other afterschool programs like them more successful.”
Our LYFE program has effective evidence-based practices that are implemented throughout the entire day each day. Once in our programs, all families will have the opportunity to learn more in depth information on what our kiddos will embark on daily. Families will have the opportunity to survey, recommend, and give feedback so that as a network we can together form the best practices and environments within the afterschool setting. Just like our Bonsai Tree, we want to ensure we start our youths roots with the best tools and practices so that over time they grow into their best selves as empowered individuals.